Feminine Care

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    Sanitary Towels with Wings are Always Sensitive's ideal sanitary towels for all days.

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    Up to 100% leakage protection. Super absorbent core with liquid-locking gel that can't leak. Odour Neutralising Technology...

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    Always secure night is Always ever night protection. Always secure night pads have 60 per cent larger...

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    Daily Fresh Liners Extra Long. Bodyform Extra Long Daily Fresh Liners offer you full protection you will...

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    Bodyform Goodnight Ultra Towels have a specially shaped front and back to fit your body perfectly. It...

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    Bodyform Ultrafit Super/long Wing Pads

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    Bodyform Ultra Towels offer you Triple Protection with just the right fit. They have a unique shape,...

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    Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel for Women 75ml. Travel Size

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    Tampax Pearl Tampons for the No 1 Comfort and Protection.

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    Tampax Tampons offer long lasting protection. Absorbent tampon core for better protection. Protective Skirt to help avoid...

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