Fresh Salads

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    Baby plum tomatoes sweet and juicy, source of vitamin C, ideal for snacking.

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    Pointed peppers are the longer, thinner cousins of bell peppers. They also tend to be sweeter than bell peppers

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    Beetroot Vacuum Packed Fresh Vegetables Cooked Beetroot

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    On the vine cherry tomatoes are uniform in color and size, with a high sugar to acid ratio. Sold...

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    Chinese leaf. Harvested by hand Grown for their peppery crunch, ideal for Asian cuisine;

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    Co Op Fresh Vegetables 3 Pack Pepper Vegetables Pepper 

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    Celery.  Bunch of White Celery

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    Salad  Iceberg Lettuce

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    Our growers choice, Intensely sweet, beautifully aromatic, cherry tomatoes grown on long vines, 5 a day, Source...

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    A tender mix of baby red leaf, spinach rocket and red chard.  Washed and ready to eat.

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    Salad Bag Baby Spinach 125g

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    Hand picked Carefully selected to be cool, crisp and refreshing cucumbers   Ingredients Cucumber Storage Keep refrigerated.

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    Fresh Radishes for your salad.

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