Fresh Salads

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    Baby plum tomatoes sweet and juicy, source of vitamin C, ideal for snacking.

    Pointed peppers are the longer, thinner cousins of bell peppers. They also tend to be sweeter than bell peppers

    Romaine or cos lettuce is a variety of lettuce that grows in a tall head of sturdy...

    A tomato is a nutrient-dense superfood that offers benefit to a range of bodily systems.

    An excellent, all female flowering, half length, mini cucumber that produces high yields during the summer and...

    Mixed Salad Leaves in variable proportions: Baby Spinach, Lambs Lettuce, Baby Red Lettuce, Baby Chard

    Sweet, tangy tomatoes are delicious in all sorts of savoury dishes.

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    Watercress is a green leaf vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals and from the same family as kale...

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    Beetroot Vacuum Packed Fresh Vegetables Cooked Beetroot

    On the vine cherry tomatoes are uniform in color and size, with a high sugar to acid ratio. Sold...

    Chinese leaf. Harvested by hand Grown for their peppery crunch, ideal for Asian cuisine;

    Co Op Fresh Vegetables 3 Pack Pepper Vegetables Pepper 

    Celery.  Bunch of White Celery

    Our growers choice, Intensely sweet, beautifully aromatic, cherry tomatoes grown on long vines, 5 a day, Source...