Frozen Bakery Products

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    Frozen lemon sponge topped with Lemon Curd and Meringue Pieces

    Our Chicago Town Garlic Dough Balls are little mouthfuls of garlicky goodness. Yup, it's the perfect side...

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    Frozen ready-rolled puff pastry sheets

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    Frozen chocolate cookie dough with chunks of Belgian dark chocolate

    Frozen shortcrust pastry cases with a mincemeat filling, topped with a star shaped pastry lid with a...

    Frozen unbaked puff pastry roll of pork sausagemeat, approximately 20cm

    Frozen unbaked bacon with added water & grated cheese in puff pastry

    Frozen all-butter shortbread with milk, plain and white Belgian chocolate chunks.

    Frozen pre-proved Danish pastry swirl with a cinnamon filling, topped with Ready Glaze

    Frozen puff pastry sausage roll with seasoned pork filling

    Frozen sliced crusty baguette with a garlic and herb topping

    Frozen short crust pastry

    Frozen pre-cooked omelettes made with mature cheddar and smoked ham.

    Frozen filo pastry

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    Frozen North African style flat bread, approximately 20cm

    Frozen fully-baked kalonji seed-flecked flatbreads

    Frozen fully-baked kalonji seed-flecked flatbreads

    Frozen slices of part-baked baguette topped with margarine, garlic and parsley. Finish in the oven for a freshly baked...

    Frozen vanilla flavour cookie dough with chunks of milk and dark chocolate

    Frozen part-baked Italian-style white baguettes with grill lines

    Frozen vanilla flavour cookie dough with chunks of white chocolate

    Frozen lemon flavoured muffin filled with lemon curd, topped with icing and meringues pieces

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    Frozen, fully baked focaccia topped with olives