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Frozen red cabbage and apple mix

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Frozen sweet potato gratin with cream and emmental cheese

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Frozen Tomato, Pepperoni and Mozzarella cheese filled pizza with a twist

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Frozen broccoli florets

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Everyday value peas. Frozen within hours of harvest to retain freshness.

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Frozen halloumi cheese strips coated in a parsley and red pepper batter

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Biscuit cone with chocolate flavour coating filled with vanilla flavour ice cream, milk chocolate flake bar and...

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Our Chicago Town Garlic Dough Balls are little mouthfuls of garlicky goodness. Yup, it's the perfect side...

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Chocolate flavour ice cream (contains non-milk fat) with a chocolate flavour sauce topped with dark chocolate coated...

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Strawberry and vanilla flavour ice creams with strawberry sauce and chocolate flavour coating in a biscuit cone

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Vanilla flavour ice cream coated in Belgian white chocolate

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Frozen skinless and boneless wild Alaskan salmon fillets in a protective ice glaze

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Frozen bone-in gammon hock

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Frozen ready-rolled puff pastry sheets

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Frozen chocolate cookie dough with chunks of Belgian dark chocolate

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Frozen shortcrust pastry cases with a mincemeat filling, topped with a star shaped pastry lid with a...

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Frozen roasting potatoes in vegetable oil and beef dripping

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Frozen potato wedges

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