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    Light reduced fat natural cheese snacks

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    Full fat soft cheese with garlic and herbs

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    Double Gloucester cheese with rehydrated onions and freeze-dried chives

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    Greek Feta cheese PDO made with pasteurised ewes and goats milk

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    Full fat soft cheese with garlic and parsley

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    British goats cheese

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    Mature Manchego cheese PDO, made using pasteurised Manchega ewes milk

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    Wensleydale cheese with dried apricot pieces

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    Wensleydale cheese with sweetened dried cranberries

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    Yorkshire Wensleydale and ginger

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    British double Gloucester Cheese

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    Cheese dip and white breadsticks with added wheat dextrin, wheat germ and calcium

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    Cheese food slices with added vitamin D. Butter flavour wheat crackers. Cooked cured ham slices formed from...

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      Ingredients Halloumi Cheese (Milk), Salt,

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    Hand-made farmhouse cheddar, blended with a delicious sweet and tangy confit of caramelised onion

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    The most delicious creamy mild cheese. Please slice responsibly – best using a plastic or wire slicer...

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    Longley Farm is known for not using artificial additives, colours or preservatives. Staying true to this tradition...

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    Mlekpol gouda cheese slices

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