Experience the joy of Gifting

We all love giving to others especially when you witness the joy of recipients accepting gifts and appreciation

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

To let others have the pleasure of giving to YOU, and allowing them to feel the happiness it is to give, just as it makes you happy to give.

Giving to others can be something simple as giving a smile to someone on the street, saying thank you when someone holds the door for us, giving someone a (sincere) compliment, or write someone a thank you note (or send a text) letting them know that you appreciate them. Things like that brightens up both your day and theirs.

It can also be about helping someone and doing something nice for them, or giving a monetary gift too, or some other token of appreciation. That is where here at Campus and Co Kenley we can assist. Gifting has been made easy for you simply head over to gifting.campusandco.co.uk/

Please note we only serve the following areas


Delivered to your Door!

Now this is exciting! So we had to share it!

C&C delivery van


Campus and Co is very excited to announce the launch of our home delivery service for account customers. This comes at a very special and important point in our nation’s history. As was said by the Prime Minister, this is undoubtedly the great challenge in our country since World War 2.

What is even better about this news is that there is no delivery charge! What, £0.00? Yes, that is what we mean! Just simply spend £30.00 or more and we will deliver to your door.

The Campus and Co team are starting this on a localised basis of within 5 miles of Horsham with plans to expand over the coming months.

Watch this space.