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The Orville & Rhodes Story

As a loyal Waitt’s customer you’re probably well-acquainted with our famous Orville & Rhodes coffee brand.

But do you know the full story of how it came into being?

We decided to spill the beans…

The birth of an icon

The Orville & Rhodes brand was born in the summer of 2012. Following an entire year of brainstorming, research, sampling and fine-tuning, the very first delivery of O&R coffee arrived, fresh from the roasters, in September 2013.

We were confident that this initial consignment would be the first of many. Little did we realise just how quickly the Orville & Rhodes brand would grow, how many days our coffee would brighten up and how much fun we would have along the way.


Three brilliant blends

Our first delivery comprised of Wholebean and Roast & Ground varieties, both supplied in 227g brown kraft paper bags and with three distinctive blends to choose from:

New Bond Street Blend – the smooth & nutty one
Sweet, nutty Brazilian arabicas give this espresso caramel sweet notes. A mild and soft fruit acidity gives a beautifully balanced and well-rounded blend.

Old Burlington Blend – the rich & intense one
A rich powerful espresso roasted to the Southern Italian style. Lots of body, a mild fruity acidity and lots of roasted notes give a punchy and bold blend.

Smokehouse Yard Blend – the slightly smokey one
Sumatran coffees are wild, complex and rich in flavour. They have a heavy bodied mouthfeel and a lingering powerful aftertaste, with notes of dark chocolate and low acidity.


Right up your street

Our three unique blends meant we could offer a flavour experience to suit every taste – in fact, they’ve proved so popular we haven’t had to revise or add to the selection in over five years! However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busily innovating and progressing, as is shown by this concise timeline:


These days Orville & Rhodes is a well-loved and respected premium coffee brand and our products are sold through several Campus Trading superstores throughout the UK. Our original three blends are now all available in 1kg Wholebean, 227g Wholebean and 227g Roast & Ground varieties, and you’ll find our passionate team of baristas serving freshly ground coffee at charitable fundraising events throughout the year.


Is there anything else you would like to see added to the Orville & Rhodes coffee range? Please send any questions, suggestions or feedback to hello@waitts.com – we’d love to hear from you!